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Need to Reduce the Cost of Education:

BY ROHIT CHOPRA  July 17, 2013

Rohit Chopra is the CFPB’s Student Loan Ombudsman. This post is excerpted from prepared remarks before a conference hosted by the Center for American Progress on July 17, 2013, in Washington, DC.

While there has been considerable attention by policymakers on federal student loan interest rates taken out for the 2013-2014 academic year, outstanding student loan debt owed by existing borrowers continues to swell. The Consumer Financial Protection Bureau estimates that outstanding debt is approaching $1.2 trillion as of May 2013. We also estimate that student loans guaranteed or held by the federal government have now crossed the $1 trillion mark.

Last year, the Bureau released findings based on our research on the student loan market, revealing that total outstanding student loans were approximately $1 trillion as of the end of 2011. The 20% growth in student loan debt from the end of 2011 to May 2013 has been much faster than growth in revolving credit products (predominantly credit cards), which increased from $843 billion to $857 billion – an increase of less than 2%. Student loans now comprise the second largest form of consumer debt behind home mortgages.  For complete story:


Developing and Improving Programs of Study(POS):

programs of study Special Issue-including these features and much more!
*Understanding and Implementing Programs of Study
*Lessons Learning from Hichly Implemented Programs of Study
*The Role of Shool Culture in Imporving Student Achievement in POS


Illinois STEM Learning Exchange Open Educational Resources

This OER resource currently includes information on Illinois Career Clusters in Health, IT, Manufacturing and STEM/R & D.


Illinois Programs of Study Overview:

The state of Illinois’ Programs of Study initiative supports the development, implementation and evaluation of academic and career-technical curriculum extending from the secondary to the postsecondary level, including the development of evidence-based resource materials, an information-rich website, and professional development in the form of Webinars and workshops. These efforts extend The Office of Community College Research & Leadership’s (OCCRL) longstanding commitment to use research and development expertise to improve policy and practice that facilitates student transition to college. OCCRL has provided research and technical assistance to state education agencies in Illinois and other states since 1989.



· Develop and disseminate a framework, design elements, and criteria for implementation and evaluation of Programs of Study, including the facilitation of Programs of Study state leadership, steering committees, and workgroups.
· Provide evaluation expertise and lead the implementation of a statewide evaluation system.
· Provide professional development that supports Programs of Study implementation statewide.


Guiding Principles:

1. Leadership, Organization and Support: Programs of Study are developed, supported, and led with guidance from collaborative partners.

2. Access, Equity and Opportunity: Each and every student has access to equitable educational opportunities and services that enable their success.

3. Alignment and Transition: Education and training providers, with input from business and industry, enhance alignment that facilitates student preparation and transition through the educational pipeline.

4. Enhanced Curriculum & Instruction: Curriculum and pedagogy involve rigorous and relevant instruction that enhances learning and enables students to attain academic and technical standards and credentials.

5. Professional Preparation and Development: Comprehensive and continuous professional development that impacts teaching and learning is delivered to enhance the recruitment, preparation and retention of qualified instructional and administrative staff.

6. Program Improvement: Data are collected, shared, and utilized to improve outcomes and demonstrate accountability.

Programs of Study Information/Resources

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