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Programs of Study School/College Alliance Workshop

This October event for faculty and administrators of DVR member schools for the purpose of improving instructional rigor and increasing student transition to post-secondary education. This day long workshop addressed Improving student transition to post-secondary without Remediation. Key presenters included Debra Fitzgerald, the ACT Midwest manager from ACT and Dean Mary-Rita Moore from Triton College. Teams of secondary and post-secondary faculty and administrators collaborated on what needs to be done and how to create a long term strategy for improvement.

DVR Regional STEM Advisory

Collaboration with Business & Industry in order to give students real-world experiences in their education. The STEM Advisory meets twice a year, once per semester.


School/College Alliance

Triton College initiatives involve all levels of community and education including the DVR districts. Scholarship Programs, Arts Competitions, and more. Click their logo to see more information.

Elementary Career Partnership

Elementary school partners have the opportunity to meet and discuss topics related to career development for their students, the necessary first step for later planning in high school.