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Dual Credit


Students receive both high school and college credit for a college-level class successfully completed. 


Students are concurrently enrolled (and taking some college-level classes) in high school and college. They may or may not receive high school credit for the college classes.


Transferability of Dual Credit Courses Power Point presentation on using USelect online tool Connect to USelect

  • Reducing college costs for families and the state.
  • Accelerating student progress toward degree completion.
  • Providing greater challenges to advanced students.
  • A more productive senior year of high school.
  • Wider access to college resources and facilities, especially important to small, rural schools.
  • Helping students to visualize themselves as “college material.”
  • Supporting college goals such as improved student recruitment, better community relations, and expansion into new, potentially fund-generating, areas.

Dual Credit Courses Available at High Schools

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